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"Wonder Woman aka Daphne has a servants heart, doesn't judge, open minded, kind hearted and SOULFUL. She has a gift and shares with the world. ~Annie Medina

"I met Daphne via mutual friends on social media and I learned that she was experienced with Numerology and Angel Cards.

I got together with her for a reading and found the info presented in the cards to be relevant to the subject I requested insight. It was a great experience and just spot on.

I’m familiar with lots of new age concepts and ideas like readings, tarot, crystals etc. but have never dabbled in numerology but the profile Daphne put together was really spot on. The numerology profile shows insight to a lot of traits or strengths and weaknesses.

Daphne injects her personality into the reading in a way that makes it feel really natural and conversational. (vs the crystal ball into the mystic flavor) I would definitely return for another session." ~Jamie Harrison

"I had a very accurate, insightful and wonderful reading from Daphne a little over a week and a half ago. She literally blew me away with her accuracy. Her reading definitely brought forth issues I needed to deal with ASAP in order to be the best me. I would highly recommend her!!!! I was so confused & searching for answers before speaking to her. I had a few questions in the back of my mind that I wanted to ask & I didn’t but Daphne went ahead and answered them without me asking anything!!! WHEEEEW MIND BLOWING!!! She helped clear up a lot of internal confusions/conflicts that I have been dealing with recently & also helped me figure out some of the roots of negativity in my life. When you are provided with this type of valuable information you can start to take back control of your life!! And for that I am forever GRATEFUL!!! This was my first reading and will not be my last!! Love & Light" ~Jeanelle Romero

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