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Our ministry focuses on the interconnectedness of souls.  There is beauty in understanding that we are all souls here on Earth to have experiences.  We believe that we are all blessed with gifts and our purpose is to use those gifts in service to others.  Our goal is to guide you in embracing your unique qualities, in order to make a difference in your life, and the communities in which you serve.  There is something greater that unites all of us.  Below you will find some ceremonies that Rev. Daphne Hijazi performs as well as a service project that she created to give back. 

The Wedding Aisle

Marriage Ceremonies

My goal is to work with my clients to create a ceremony that supports their beliefs and unique qualities.  The goal is to make this experience about you and your relationship.  I take the time to find out about the two of you and then create a personalized experience for you and your guests.  No wedding is too big or too small.  Let's partner together to create the experience of a lifetime.

Celebration of Life

When our love ones pass it is a time to reflect on their life and how we can honor their memory.  My goal is to create a personalized service for your loved one.  Let me work with you to coordinate some of the behind the scenes duties that can leave you feeling overwhelmed.  I'm here to assist you and to honor your beliefs.  Blessings!

Flowers Candles Funeral
Baby Baptism Ceremony

Baby Blessing Ceremony


A baby blessing is a way to cover your child in loving energy that will support them by naming your intentions for their life.  For those who would like to do so and would like to do so in a place and manner that is consistent with your beliefs, I would love to create a ceremony to honor the significance of your child's birth and a meaningful milestone in your lives.   I am open and honored to incorporate and honor your religious customs, traditions, and beliefs.  I also work with parents who would like a non-religious or interfaith ceremonies as well.  Children are a blessing unto the world.


Custom Ceremonies

I know that there are moments that we choose to honor in our life.  Whether it's a healing ceremony, a family connection ceremony, a releasing, ceremony, or a home blessing.  I am available to create a ceremony and hold space, to honor your needs.  The passing of time allows us to reflect on what we have experienced in life.  I am here to help you create a ceremony that is personalized to meet your needs.

Blue and White China
Candle in Hands
Women Holding Hands


Victim to Victor

This ministry is a mentorship program.  Volunteers work with incarcerated individuals on a scheduled basis and they share life coaching tools with these individuals via video conferencing.  They then mentors meet with me each week and we discuss the sessions and then I provide guidance for the mentors and the mentees.  I believe that we  heal ourselves when we help others heal.  The goal of this program is for the mentors to facilitate change within themselves while mentoring the mentees who will also experience change.

Video Call
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