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This sacred ceremony is intended to connect with our intuition by relaxing your body and remembering and connecting to the truth of your soul in order to live life on purpose. You will need the following supplies:

  • Candles to surround your bathtub
  • Essential oils
  • Epsom Salt (I use a blended prepared salt and add extra essential oils)
  • Eucalyptus (Placed above the steaming water it naturally opens up your pores and aids in breathing)
  • Phone or device to play the recording
  • Sage for smudging or a smudging spray (You can make this with distilled water, selenite, frankincense, orange, and sage essential oil).  This is recommended but not required to complete your session.  


To prepare, you should turn off your phone and set time aside from family to limit all distractions. Run the bath with water temperature that is hot but comfortable for you. As you draw the bath hang the eucalyptus from the faucet and it will begin to release its essence into the air. Add the Epsom salt and essential oils to the bathtub. Light the candles while you wait for the tub to fill to about ¾ full. Once the water has reached your desired stage turn off the faucet, undress, enter the tub, relax for a moment, and then start the recording

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