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These beautiful crystal hearts are handcrafted.  Each has it's own unique features but they all have such amazing sparkle.  


-150AH: 700g and approx. 4.45", $150

-179AH: 800g and approx. 5.45", $179

-104AH: 700g and approx. 6.5", $104

-39AH: 260g and approx. 3.9", $39

-118AH: 1060g and approx. 5.1", $118

-81AH:  730g and approx. 6", $81

-100AH: 900g and approx. 5", $100

-39SR: 260g and approx. 3.9", $39

-188SR: 1120g and approx. 6.1", $188

Ametheyst helps you to be more focused and aids in balancing your mindset.

Amethyst Hearts

PriceFrom $39.00
Excluding Sales Tax |
  • If you have any concerns or questions about your order, please contact us immediately at 1 (833)-630-0501.  We will be happy to offer a resolution.  Please note that you will have 24 hours after receipt of your order to request a return.

    This must be done by submitting a picture of the items and your concerns to  The items must be returned in original condition and packaging. Please take clear photos of damaged items or poor packaging.  We will then match it to our photos of the packed order.  Returns and refunds are done at the owners discretion and only once items have been returned in their entirety.

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