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Crystal sets that you can use in the office.


Below are some of the benefits of each crystal.


-Clear Quartz helps with mental focus.  So, if your mind tends to wander this will help to keep you focused and productive.

-Black Obsidian is protective energy.  It will keep those whom do not have your best interest at heart away from you (they will be uncomfortable in your space).

-Fluorite helps you use both hemispheres of your brain.  It also helps with discernment which is great when you need to make decisions while under pressure.

-Green Aventurine is associated with wealth and good luck and it can reduce electromagnetic smog.

-Lepidolite is a great mood stabilizer (helps with anxiety) that can also remove electromagnetic pollution.

-Pyrite is a wealth attraction stone.  It can also block negative emotions and improve your confidence.

-Rose Quartz is the “love stone”. It can help you take the high road in your communications at work when dealing with stressful situations.  

-Selenite is a cleansing and protection crystal.  It aids in helping you remember crucial information.  It’s a natural cleanser and you can place your others stones on top of it.  A good way to do this is to set your crystals on a selenite disc, flat wand or square.

-Sodalite aids with effective communication which is crucial at work.

-Tiger’s Eye also helps you to clear away distractions and focus on your present tasks.


The mushroom set is $50 is has lepidolite, pyrite, rose quartz, sodalite and tiger’s eye crystal mushrooms.

The pyramid set is $45 it has rose quartz, pyrite, and selenite pyramids.

The apple set is $45 is has a rose quartz, tiger’s eye, clear quartz, green aventurine, and lepidolite apples.

The Hello Kitty set is $100 and it has rose quartz, clear quartz, green aventurine, lepidolite, and black obsidian Hello Kitty’s.

The unicorn set is $60 and it has black obsidian, rose quartz, and clear quartz unicorns.

Office Crystal Sets

PriceFrom $45.00
Excluding Sales Tax |
  • If you have any concerns or questions about your order, please contact us immediately at 1 (833)-630-0501.  We will be happy to offer a resolution.  Please note that you will have 24 hours after receipt of your order to request a return.

    This must be done by submitting a picture of the items and your concerns to  The items must be returned in original condition and packaging. Please take clear photos of damaged items or poor packaging.  We will then match it to our photos of the packed order.  Returns and refunds are done at the owners discretion and only once items have been returned in their entirety.

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